25 February 2016 – Visit of the delegation led by 2nd Commander of the United States Southern Command, Lieutenant General Joseph P. DiSalvo.

12 February 2016 – Visit of the delegation from OCD, GPOI and Army South from the United States.

24 November 2015 – Visit of the United Mexican States’s Military Attaché, Brigadier General D.E.M. Abelardo Garfías Casadero.

23 November 2015 – Visit of Minister Maria Luisa Escorel de Moraes, Head of Division for International Peace and Security in the Federative Republic of Brazil

9 November 2015 – Visit of Dr. Rebecca Bill Chavez, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense from the United States of America for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

19 August 2015 – Visit of the Military Attaché and Assistant Attaché of the People’s Republic of China.

8 May 2015 – Conference of the Americas. Presentation by the Director of the ENOPU, Col. Carlos Frachelle

8 May 2015 – Conference of the Americas.

9 December 2014 – Personnel from the Defense Institute for Medical Operations trained staff deploying to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and medical staff of the Uruguayan services, with measures against the Ebola virus.

2 December 2014 – Visit of the Delegation from the United States Naval Research Laboratory, Dr. Nathan Meehan and his team.

19 May 2014 – Visit of the French Ambassador, Mr. Sylvain Itte and Military Attaché Lt. Col. Arnaud de Pampelonne

15 March 2014 – Visit of the Special Representative of the Secretary General and Head of Mission from MINUSTAH, Ms. Sandra Honoré

14 November 2012 – Visit from the Colombian Ambassador, Ms. Maria Clara Isaza

1 October 2012 – Visit from the delegation of the Brazilian Armed Forces

25 September 2012 – Visit from the Director of the Southern Cone Affairs of the Department of State of the United States of America, Richard M. Sanders

24 May 2012 – Visit from the French Military Attaché

20 April 2012 – Visit from the Counselor of the Japanese Embassy in Uruguay, Katsuhiro Matsumoto

2 November 2011 – Visit from the Capstone Group

29 September 2011 – Visit from the delegation of the Argentinian Armed Forces

30 August 2011 – Visit from the Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organizations from the United States of America, Esther Brimmer

17 August 2011 – Visit from the Uruguayan Minister of Defense, Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro

15 June 2011 – Visit from the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon

14 December 2010 – Opening of the ENOPU conference room by the United States Ambassador, David D. Nelson, and the Army Commander in chief Lt. Gen. Jorge Rosales

14 December 2010 – ENOPU Conference Room on the Opening Day.

6 May 2010 – Visit from the United States Southern Command Commander Gen. Douglas M. Fraser

17 July 2009 – Visit from Mr. Michael Kenkel, of the International Institute of Relations in Brazil.

21 May 2009 – Visit from the Land Operations Commender from the Chilean Army, Div. Gen. Jorge Fuenzalida Rojas.

21 April 2009 – Visit from the HE Patrick Mullee, Ambassador of the United Kingdom.

28 January 2009 – Visit from the United States Southern Command.

11 December 2008 – Visit from delegation of the UK Ministry of Defense.

September 2008 – Visit from ITS/DPKO Delegation.

20 November 2007 – Visit from Gen. de la Rosa, Spanish Army.

16 November 2007 – Visit from Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs from Namibia, Ms. Lempy Lucas.

14 August 2007 – Visit from Delegation of the Brazilian Armed Forces.

8 November 2006 – Visit from the German Ambassador.

December 1995 – End of Pre-deployment Training of Bn.Uruguay III, at the CIOPE (Punta Rieles), days before departure to the Republic of Angola to join UNAVEM III.