Academic proposal

The ENOPU’s academic proposal is closely linked to the reasons of its creation. In fact, today’s ENOPU was born within the Army, when the need to train personnel to fulfill Peace Missions outside our borders was identified; even before the United Nations’s recommendation through Resolution 46/48 “…encourages all Member States to organize their own national training programmes and consider the establishment of regional and national training centres”.

Our three basic pillars are courses given to personnel of the Armed Forces prior to their deployment as part of MFO contingent, United Nations contingents, or as Observers or Staff Officers of the United Nations.

We complement our proposal with courses recommended by the United Nations to boost subjects of general interest (Protection of Civilians, Gender, Child Protections, Civilian-Military Cooperation), along with other subjects of national interest (Threat Detection, Paramedics, Ebola, Logistics, Legal Affairs) and English or French lessons.


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