The building “Cuartel de los Treinta y Tres” starts to be built in 1879, during the rule of Colonel Lorenzo Latorre, a period of great importance for Uruguay due to the implementation of public works as part of his policy of an overall modernization. Its name and authorization date, given in 1880 are captured in the frieze of the entablature.

The facilities of the previous “Cuartel Morales” were taken as basis, where shortly before the first School of Arts and Crafts of Uruguay. The building which would later be called “Cuartel Morales” already appeared on a blueprint made by Bartolomé Muñoz between 18 and 19 June 1813.

Stones from the ancient citadel, demolished in 1876, and from the Fort of San Felipe and Santiago were some of the materials used for the new construction. The military nature of the new headquarters was determined by its sober style and the simplicity of the building: a large quadrangle constructed around an Arms Square. The façade depicts a sober neoclassicism, with a large entrance gate, which coincides with the predominant architectural trends during those times.


Over the years, several reforms were undertaken. The first one to be documented was in 1919 and then in 1945, when the neighboring land which was intended for the 13th Infantry Battalion was bought. Towards 1950, other transformations were made to the building once the General Training Center for Reserve Officers (CGIOR, for its Spanish acronym) was set up: a new mess hall, large classrooms, places for studying and a gymnasium.

Declaration of National Historic Landmark

The end of its historical trajectory took place 23 years ago, as its value was recognized as a historical happening of our country and especially of our army. On 18th November 1975, it was declared under Resolution 1.941/975 as a National Historic Landmark. The building was being used by Military College No.1 “Col. Lorenzo Latorre.”

Units and Institutions which used these Headquarters

1880 to 18/09/1883 2nd Light Infantry Battalion
15/12/1883 to 15/01/1886 5th Cavalry Regiment
1886 to 19/10/1907 4th Light Infantry Battalion
19/10/1907 4th Infantry Battalion
1930 4th Infantry Battalion and Voluntary Unit “Vanguardia de la Patria”
21/04/1939 13th Infantry Battalion
1939 5th Infantry Regiment and 13th Infantry Battalion
27/04/1945 to 1975 General Training Center for Reserve Officers
1947 Military and Naval College
1975 to 1980 Military College Nº 1 “Colonel Lorenzo Latorre”
1980 Army School of Intelligence
Army Counterintelligence Company
Army School of Languages
1987 to 1998 Infantry Branch Museum
Symbolic Infantry Battalion
Army Coordinating Center for Peace Operations
National Support System for Peacekeeping Operations
National Peace Operations Training Institute of Uruguay
National Center for Advanced Studies

Commemorative plaques

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