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ENOPU Director’s welcome

As Director of the National Peace Operations Training Institute of Uruguay, it is a privilege to welcome you to our institution.

Here we develop, adjust and provide free on-site courses which are recognized at a national and international level, with the purpose of training, perfecting and instructing the personnel which will be deployed to Peacekeeping Missions in any part of the world.

Transmitting and spreading the knowledge through our academic activities has a special meaning, which represents constant challenges in the development of the different training, instruction and specialization given to the military, police and civilian personnel, either national or foreign.

In this regard, the students who come to our Institute are provided with the required capabilities, empowering their skills and competencies in order to fulfill the complexity of current and future Peacekeeping Missions.

Our broad and growing academic offer is proof of our commitment to constantly increase the level of knowledge of our students in an environment where we Foster interaction and spontaneous Exchange of information and experiences between all parts.

I invite you to participate in our courses, and to profit from the excellent level of our instructor and facilitators, and thus continue with the collective effort and challenge which is undertaken daily by the staff in this Institute with the principles and objectives of continuous self-improvement.

On behalf of the ENOPU, we wish you success in the search for education and training.

The Director of the National Peace Operations Training Institute of Uruguay.