UN Contingent Officers (UNCOC)

Description: On-site course, developed throughout 200 educational and practical hours, directed to training officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force, Police and civilian professionals, to prepare them for deployment to fulfil tasks as members of a Contingent in peacekeeping operations.


  • Train and perfect the staff of the Armed Forces for their performance as Commanders of Sub-units and Platoon Commanders.
  • Train staff so that they can implement the training on their platoons as instructors and as members of a National Contingent in a United Nations Peace Operation.

Language: Course delivered in Spanish. Materials in English.

Directed to: Commissioned and non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces and Police, and civilian professionals, national and foreign, appointed by their corresponding institutions. Selected students must have a basic level of English in order to communicate, present situations, conduct meetings and draft simple documents.

Date: 3 to 28 October 2016.