Press Correspondent (UNPIC)

Description: The course is delivered in 20 educational hours, in the course of five days, by following theoretical and practical procedures, dealing with situations that could happen during a reporting coverage in an area of conflict, aiming to develop good observation, analysis of security conditions, crisis management, capacity of work and harmony with the group.


  • Introduce to Media Professionals performing Jobs in areas of conflict and post-conflict with basic theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the characteristics of the environments where they could work in.
  • Highlight personal security procedures and the relation between the press and military forces (and how to work alongside without affecting negatively their performance) and other organizations in the field.
  • Provide the tools to transmit the work of the Armed Forces in peace missions.

Language: Course delivered in Spanish, materials in English.

Directed to: Commissioned and non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces and Police, civilians, national and foreign, who carry out tasks on public relations. For media professionals who wish to prepare (of perfect the knowledge they already possess) in order to work in conflict and post-conflict areas.

Date: 12 to 16 September 2016.