The course “Advanced Logistics” ends at the ENOPU

The National Peace Operations Training School of Uruguay (ENOPU), held between August 01st and October 30th the course “Advanced Logistics”.

A total of 48 students participated in said course, from the Uruguayan National Army and Air Force.

The course was taught by instructors from the Army, UDE, Pronto Metal, International Business Alliance, International Business School, National Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay, National Ports Administration, National Institute of Logistic (INALOG), etc.

The topics developed in class were based on knowing the concept of Logistics, Supply Chain, handling of air, maritime and port cargo, customs operations, how the administrative structure works, logistics in MPO, among others.

The Advanced Logistics course, which stands out as one of the most demanding dictated by the ENOPU and whose approval requires a strong commitment from each student with the logistic subjects, having to sacrifice many hours over the daily labor and professional requirements.

Luckily, all and each one of the 48 students lived up to that commitment and they even surpassed it by making contributions from a specific logistic field for the best possible training of their comrades.

Such commitment to the training to improve their task in the logistic areas even at the expense of their personal and family time reflects the spirit of the body and the desire for professional improvement in the good of the institution.

Later they went to the back of the amphitheater “Cascos Azules” of this institute to share a lunch to entertain the guests, where they exchanged experiences and concepts about Logistics.