The course “Press Correspondent – Journalist in Conflict Zones” ended at ENOPU.

The National Peace Operations Training Institute of Uruguay (ENOPU), with the support of the Department of Social Communications of the National Army, held between August 21 and August 24 the course ¨Press Correspondent – Journalist in Conflict Zones.”

The course had a total of 27 students, including foreign representatives, one students from the United Mexican States and two from the Republic of Paraguay. The course also had the presence of journalists, reporters, graduates in Social Communication and college students from communication careers.

Among the media, there were representatives from Sputnik News Agency, El Observador, Radio Uruguay, Press from the Ministry of Defense, Radio Sarandi, press office from Salto´s administration and Army personnel.

The instructors were from the Army, the Air Force and it had the special participation of journalist Carlos Maggi.

The topics developed in class were: deployment of Uruguayans in peacekeeping missions, basic equipment to work in such areas, security measures, preventive health measures and diseases, experiences from the UN Press Office and negotiation.

Then, a practical exercise was done in the Military Camp No 6 “Abra de Castellanos”, which began with a helicopter flight and security briefing and how to embark in the aircraft in charge of the Uruguayan Air Force.

The Armored and Mechanized Training Center (CIBM) and the Mechanized Cavalry Regiment No 4, who were performing exercises, collaborated with the logistic aspects and gave a class about ambushes and reactions to an attack.

Later exercises with role players were realized in which they had to put into practice the knowledges obtained previously such as negotiation, stress management, hostility, and pressure. Said exercised finalized with a night attack to evaluate their capacity of response.

To stay overnight, the accommodations existent in the place were used, which were built to support pre-deployment instruction, thanks to financial funds provided by GPOI.

On the way back from the Camp, the students visited the Engineers Instruction Center, where they received instruction about explosives and minefields; demonstrations of the K9 Military Group of work with dogs in charge of the Brigade of Infantry No 1 “General Eugenio Garzon”, and the Terrorist Artifacts Deactivation Team (EDAT) belonging to the Material and Weapon Service (SMA).

Finally, as part of the training activities, they received a lecture by the journalist Martín Sarthou, referring to his experience in the subject.

After that, a tour in the Parachute Infantry Battalion Nº 14 was carried out, where survival classes and guidelines were received to survive a kidnapping. The journey culminated with activities related to the rescue of hostages, shooting with long and short weapon.