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Finalizó curso “Introducción al Trabajo de ONU en Ambientes Hostiles”, en la ENOPU.

En el marco de las actividades de la Escuela Nacional de Operaciones de Paz del Uruguay(ENOPU) y el Departamento de Seguridad del Sistema de Naciones Unidas(UNDSS), el día jueves 25 de Setiembre de 2019, finalizó el curso de “Introducción al Trabajo de ONU en Ambientes Hostiles”, que se desarrolló entre los días 24 y 25 de Setiembre.

Este curso prepara al Personal de las Naciones Unidas en Uruguay y la región, en seguridad personal para cumplir tareas en zonas de alto riesgo o en situaciones bajo amenazas. El mismo tuvo las siguientes actividades Perfil y Sistema de gerenciamiento de Seguridad de la ONU (UNMSM) en Uruguay, Misiones operativas de Paz, Identificación de amenazas, Protección en zonas de alto riesgo, Conducción de vehículos en zona de alto riesgo, Conducta ante secuestros, Experiencias del contingente uruguayo en rescate de rehenes en Misiones de Paz, Manejo del Stress, Efectos de las armas de fuego, Primeros auxilios y enfermedades del viajero, Orientación en el terreno y Marchas a pie.

Participaron un total de 21 alumnos de distintas agencias de Naciones Unidas.

El curso contó con una serie de ejercicios prácticos desarrollados en el Batallón de infantería Nº 14 y el Servicio de Intendencia del Ejército.

United Nations Contingent Course- UNCOC

The United Nations Contingent Course – UNCOC was held at the National Peace Operations Training School of Uruguay (ENOPU) between October 30 and November 24.

The course was aimed at Officers who will command troops in the next rotation and will be part of the Uruguayan Contingent and Staff to be deployed in MONUSCO (The Democratic Republic of the Congo) next 2018.

A total of 51 students completed the course, among them there was 1 student from the Navy of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

The course trained the Officers in all the necessary aspects to carry out their task once deployed in the African country. Among the topics developed are: the legal framework, conduct and discipline, the role of women, CIMIC, MOU, COE, SEA, VIP Protection, among others. The course included a week dedicated to the Protection of Civilians, given the high relevance that this topic has being part of the MONUSCO Mandate.

The Course concluded with a day of practical exercises carried out in the grounds of the Infantry Brigade No. 1 and a series of complementary talks among which stand out: assessment of the Situation of the Mission Area by the National Army and the Uruguayan Air Force.

There were also English and French lessons being the latter in charge of Lt. Col. Antonio Ramos, belonging to the French Army currently serving in CAECOPAZ – Argentina. It’s necessary to highlight the presence of Ms. Angelina Vunge, author of the book “Angelina – The Footprints left by Angola”, instructor of sexual abuse and exploitation, and Mr. Eagonda Lontage Efuka, who trained them in cultural aspects of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Pre-deployment course for the Special Transport and Engineers Groups – MFO Sinai at ENOPU.

As part of the activities of the National Peace Operations Training Institute of Uruguay (ENOPU for its Spanish acronym), on Friday, November 24 the ¨Pre-deployment course for the Special Transport and Engineers Groups – MFO Sinai¨, was completed.

A total of 21 students integrated the course, the topics developed in the classes were based on the tasks realized by the MFO members once they are deployed to the Sinai Peninsula.

It consisted of several activities, among them we highlight the organization of MFO force, technical training, legal aspects, transport, driving, finances, rules of engagement, personnel safety, threat detection, and behavior in convoys, as well as English classes, Close-order Instruction, and physical education.

Also, Basic Vital Support training was provided at the Medical School of the Armed Forces, defensive driving, practical driving lessons at the Army Service of Transport. In addition, night driving, convoy, escort and shooting exercises were conducted in the Vidiella Military Camp.

Among the instructors we highlight, the presence of a lecturer of the diplomatic corps by the Embassy of Egypt, Ambassador Amr Abbas Abdelhadi, for the Embassy of Israel, Mr. Consul Ariel Bercovich and Professor Susana Mangana, Responsible for the Cathedra ¨Islam and Arab World¨ from the Humanistic Formation Department of the Catholic University of Uruguay.


93 Students completed the Course Protection of Civilians at ENOPU

As part of the activities of the National Peace Operations Training School of Uruguay (ENOPU), on Friday, November 17, 2017, the course “Protection of Civilians” was completed.

A total of 93 students participated in the course, with the presence of two students from the Federative Republic of Brazil, one student from the United Mexican States, the rest from the Army, National Navy, Ministry of National Defense and National Police.

The topics developed in class were focused on promoting in the students the interest and critical sense on the different aspects related to the “Protection of Civilians in the framework of Peacekeeping Operations”: the actors, the risks, the threats, the legal framework, child protection, sexual abuse, the tasks to protect the civilian population, ensuring, in addition, the legitimacy and credibility of the mission.

As usual, it ended with a practical exercise applying the knowledge acquired for the Identification of the different Scenarios, their risks and the tactical planning for the materialization of the integral concept of Protection of Civilians as well as a series of conferences.

Standing out are the conferences of Colonel Luis Coitiño, Cathedra Coordinator, and General Ricardo Fernández. The latter gave the students their vast knowledge of the subject and his experience in PKO. Particularly the lessons learned as Battalion Commander in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the Kinshasa crisis for which he was awarded the “Encomienda de Número de la Orden del Merito Civil”, awarded by the Kingdom of Spain.

Completing in this way the priority instruction for the contingent that will be deployed to the DRC in 2018 and other students who obtained the necessary knowledge on the integrated protection civilians.

The course “Advanced Logistics” ends at the ENOPU

The National Peace Operations Training School of Uruguay (ENOPU), held between August 01st and October 30th the course “Advanced Logistics”.

A total of 48 students participated in said course, from the Uruguayan National Army and Air Force.

The course was taught by instructors from the Army, UDE, Pronto Metal, International Business Alliance, International Business School, National Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay, National Ports Administration, National Institute of Logistic (INALOG), etc.

The topics developed in class were based on knowing the concept of Logistics, Supply Chain, handling of air, maritime and port cargo, customs operations, how the administrative structure works, logistics in MPO, among others.

The Advanced Logistics course, which stands out as one of the most demanding dictated by the ENOPU and whose approval requires a strong commitment from each student with the logistic subjects, having to sacrifice many hours over the daily labor and professional requirements.

Luckily, all and each one of the 48 students lived up to that commitment and they even surpassed it by making contributions from a specific logistic field for the best possible training of their comrades.

Such commitment to the training to improve their task in the logistic areas even at the expense of their personal and family time reflects the spirit of the body and the desire for professional improvement in the good of the institution.

Later they went to the back of the amphitheater “Cascos Azules” of this institute to share a lunch to entertain the guests, where they exchanged experiences and concepts about Logistics.

72nd UN Anniversary

October 24, UN Day, it commemorated the anniversary of the entry into force of the Charter of the United Nations in 1945 signed by more than 50 Member States.

This event has been celebrated since 1948 and since 1971 the United Nations General Assembly recommends that the day be observed by Member States as a public holiday.

The Organization was created to promote peace and justice among nations, respect the Human Rights, fight poverty, war, inequalities and epidemics.

Currently, UN has 115 thousand troops deployed in 15 United Nations peacekeeping operations led by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

With the new challenges proposed by the UN on September 2015, based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development, governments will work to achieve a more sustainable and stable world in the coming years.

On the occasion of the celebration, a concert conducted by the Slovak National Folklore Ballet took place in the hall of the General Assembly in New York.

 In our country, at Independence Square, a commemorative event was held with the presence of the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Uruguay Ms. Mireia Villar Forner, the Commander in Chief of the Army, Gral. of the Army Mr. Guido Manini Rios; the Army Chief of Staff and Chief of the National Support System for Peacekeeping Operations (SINOMAPA) Gral. Marcelo M. Montaner; the Chief of the Military House Gral Alfredo Erramun; the Director of the National Peace Operations Training School (ENOPU) Col. Niver Pereira, Diplomatic Corps; representatives of agencies of the United Nations System for Uruguay; a peacekeepers section from the National Army and students from the School No 185 UNESCO among others.

ENOPU greets on such an important day to Instructors, students and troops deployed in Peacekeeping Operations.



The Course “Technical French” ended at ENOPU.

On September 1st, the course “Technical French” ended for the very first time at the National Peace Operations Training Institute of Uruguay (ENOPU), with the support as Coordinator of Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Ramos, from the French Army currently serving in CAECOPAZ – Argentina.

Said course was held between August 28th and September 1st with the participation of 16 students including 3 foreigners, from the Federative Republic of Brazil, the United Mexican States and the Republic of Ecuador, also from the Ministry of Interior and the National Army.

This course was developed so that the personnel to be deployed in peacekeeping missions of French speaking nature have the ability and mastery of that language to perform a better work.

It should be noted that prior to the start of the course an evaluation test was conducted which determined the level of each student, forming two subgroups Basic and Intermediate Level.

In addition to the coordinator, among the instructors, we had the support of Dr. Ana De Oliveira, Sgt, Maj. Alejandra Dominguez, Professor Sonia Frigerio and Professor Alejandro Santoro this last one from the Institute “Alliance Française”.

As part of the course, a practical exercise was done that consisted of a Check Point where the students had to apply the knowledge acquired in class.

The Consul of the Republic of Suriname in the ROU visited ENOPU

On August 29, the National Peace Operations Training Institute of Uruguay (ENOPU) received the visit of Hon. Consul of the Republic of Suriname, Lic. Nelson Simatovich.

Said Diplomat was received by the Director of ENOPU, Colonel Niver Pereira and the Deputy Director of ENOPU Lieutenant Colonel Pablo Caubarrere, whom after welcoming him exposed the academic activities realized by this School, as well as statistics and experiences from Uruguay in Peacekeeping Missions.

Later, they realized a tour around the facilities and accommodations of the School.

The course “Press Correspondent – Journalist in Conflict Zones” ended at ENOPU.

The National Peace Operations Training Institute of Uruguay (ENOPU), with the support of the Department of Social Communications of the National Army, held between August 21 and August 24 the course ¨Press Correspondent – Journalist in Conflict Zones.”

The course had a total of 27 students, including foreign representatives, one students from the United Mexican States and two from the Republic of Paraguay. The course also had the presence of journalists, reporters, graduates in Social Communication and college students from communication careers.

Among the media, there were representatives from Sputnik News Agency, El Observador, Radio Uruguay, Press from the Ministry of Defense, Radio Sarandi, press office from Salto´s administration and Army personnel.

The instructors were from the Army, the Air Force and it had the special participation of journalist Carlos Maggi.

The topics developed in class were: deployment of Uruguayans in peacekeeping missions, basic equipment to work in such areas, security measures, preventive health measures and diseases, experiences from the UN Press Office and negotiation.

Then, a practical exercise was done in the Military Camp No 6 “Abra de Castellanos”, which began with a helicopter flight and security briefing and how to embark in the aircraft in charge of the Uruguayan Air Force.

The Armored and Mechanized Training Center (CIBM) and the Mechanized Cavalry Regiment No 4, who were performing exercises, collaborated with the logistic aspects and gave a class about ambushes and reactions to an attack.

Later exercises with role players were realized in which they had to put into practice the knowledges obtained previously such as negotiation, stress management, hostility, and pressure. Said exercised finalized with a night attack to evaluate their capacity of response.

To stay overnight, the accommodations existent in the place were used, which were built to support pre-deployment instruction, thanks to financial funds provided by GPOI.

On the way back from the Camp, the students visited the Engineers Instruction Center, where they received instruction about explosives and minefields; demonstrations of the K9 Military Group of work with dogs in charge of the Brigade of Infantry No 1 “General Eugenio Garzon”, and the Terrorist Artifacts Deactivation Team (EDAT) belonging to the Material and Weapon Service (SMA).

Finally, as part of the training activities, they received a lecture by the journalist Martín Sarthou, referring to his experience in the subject.

After that, a tour in the Parachute Infantry Battalion Nº 14 was carried out, where survival classes and guidelines were received to survive a kidnapping. The journey culminated with activities related to the rescue of hostages, shooting with long and short weapon.